WORK ORDER INFORMATION for Multi-Family Townhome and Apartment Properties ONLY. This DOES NOT APPLY to Rose Assisted Living Prosperities.

HOTLINE: 1-800-409-8385

EverGreen has implemented a new hotline for all of our properties. After the initial prompt and greeting (explanation), you will be directed to your associated property. You will have an opportunity to leave a detailed message and will receive a return call. Because all of our Maintenance Technicians are on personal time; please allow up to 30 minutes for them to call you back before calling again.

Prior to calling our hotline, we would like to take this opportunity to offer clarification as to what is an Emergency. Please understand that not all maintenance is an emergency and it is imperative that this is clearly understood. If you call the hotline with a non-emergency issue, you may be charged for the time at a rate of double our current hourly maintenance charges.

Primary Emergencies Include:

No Heat – Before calling the hotline:

  • Please check your thermostat. Make sure that your temperature in your home is below what you have it set at.
  • Confirm that you have not received a Disconnect notice on your utilities.
  • Be available for the return call, maintenance may request that you check a few items to help diagnose the potential issue.

Leak – through the ceiling or wall – Before calling the hotline:

  • Check potential areas for the source. Possible options may include Tub, Toilet area, Dishwasher, Hot water heater. If a source is noticeable, make sure to communicate this in your message.
  • Be available for the return call, maintenance may have additional questions and may instruct you to turn water off at a source if possible.

Fire – Before calling the hotline.

  • Stating the obvious, but it must be said. Call 911. When all are safe, call the hotline.

Carbon Monoxide – Before calling the hotline.

  • Again, stating the obvious, call 911 prior to calling the hotline. The fire department may direct you to call the local gas company. As a reminder, in many units the CO detector is located near the garage door. In addition, your furnace can pick up CO from your vehicle. We recommend you pull your vehicle outside of the garage while warming up.

What is NOT an emergency? We can make a few suggestions, we advise that you leave a message for your Community Manager and your maintenance request will be addressed on the next business day.

Garbage Disposal is not running – There is a reset button on the bottom or side of the equipment under your sink. You may try pressing this. If this is not effective, please leave a message with the Community Manager. As a reminder, the garbage disposal is not meant to handle rice, coffee grounds, aquarium rock, potatoes, or coins.

Lock out – If you are locked out of a unit, after hours, you will be charged a fee. You may contact a local lock smith; however if your lock is changed you will be charged to have it mastered to our system.

Plugged Sink – Primary cause is the garbage disposal. We recommend that you try a plunger on either or both sides of your drain. Do not use “drain-o” type products as they can be harmful to both the plumbing and to the tech who attempts to clear the clog.

Refrigerator Not Cooling – If your freezer is still cool, but your fridge is not; make sure that the thermostat is set at the recommended setting. Check to ensure that the freezer is not over packed. Make sure that there is not excessive dust build up behind your equipment. Although this seems like an emergency, we recommend that you put your food in a cooler and leave a message. It is difficult to obtain the parts for a fridge on the weekend or evenings.

How to Report a Non-Emergency Maintenance Issue:

We understand that Maintenance issues can be an inconvenience; however we do our best to provide opportunities for you to communicate your needs and to provide preventative maintenance opportunities. You can help by contacting your community manager when you first notice a maintenance need so we can attend to it, prior to it becoming a more serious issue or a potential emergency. We will return your call within a business day for more information or to schedule a repair.

Thank you for reporting any maintenance needs in your unit or elsewhere on the property. We want to keep your home well maintained and safe for you and your family.